Why work with us?

Hurstspeech is an established, boutique clinic committed to providing high-quality care to our clients and supporting our staff by providing a fantastic working environment and ongoing professional development! Established 2008.

Structured induction program

We take our induction seriously, with our induction program.

All our team members spend the first week moving through our interactive induction program filled with observation opportunities, training and some beautiful clients to ease you into clinical work.

This is then followed by a gradual build-up of a clinical caseload alongside checklists and training that focuses on clinical skills, personal well-being and connection with the team.

Supervision program and 24/7 support

Providing ongoing supervision and support is something that we pride ourselves on.

Structured supervision opportunities are available to all of our team members, no matter their level of clinical experience. The type of supervision varies to reflect individual needs, learning styles and professional goals.

Twice weekly 1:1 supervision will occur with the senior speech pathologist. Weekly meetings will also occur with the director of the practice for specific 1:1 education programs. This education program will be designed by you, for you!

Over the initial orientation program, there will be plenty of opportunities to sit in on the Senior Speech Pathologist’s and Director’s sessions. Plus daily access to a team of awesome speech pathologists for incidental learning.

New Graduate Program

Congratulations you have graduated. What an achievement!!! At Hurstspeech we have been employing new graduates for over 20 years. What sets our program apart is our small team and accessible supervisors to provide a timely, unlimited induction program where we teach our graduates the skills for managing a real live caseload with real clients. This supervision and team approach does not end after the first year. It continues as long as you are employed with us.

We work from day one on learning new skills to have a healthy work-life balance. Uni days require studying at all hours of the day and night. That is done!!! Congratulations!!! Now time to find a balance and maybe take up a few hobbies.

Daily admin time allocation

To deliver the best speech pathology service to clients there needs to be enough time to prepare for sessions, write up notes, respond to emails and reflect.

All of our speech pathologists are provided with full support from our director for client bookings, invoicing and fees. In addition to this, our speech pathologists are provided with 15 minutes between sessions for therapy notes and daily admin time for report writing, and indirect client work.

15 minutes between each client

We know that session notes when left uncompleted can be stressful. As a result, we provide 15 minutes between clients to complete clinical notes and to get ready for their next session.

This means that admin gets completed at work because work-life balance really does matter and we don’t want our speech pathologists taking their work home.

Full administration support

There are systems in place to take care of everything outside of running the therapy sessions. This includes bookings, payments, calendar management, invoicing, fees, service agreements, rebates and Medicare/health fund claiming

This allows our speech pathologists to focus on what they do best – be a speech pathologist.

Progressive Growing Caseload

We believe in realistic caseloads that are driven by the individual team member. There is a balance between burnout and too much time on your hands. We do not do 30-minute sessions or back-to-back appointments.

Caseloads are steadily built up over the induction period, starting from 3-4 clients per day. To help with learning there is the opportunity for shared clients.

We feel that this allows the best service for our clients whilst reducing burnout.

Professional development budget

We believe that the more knowledge our therapists have the better service that they will be able to provide to our clients.

We provide a $1000 Professional Development budget for each full-time employee per year.

Choose your own professional development that is relevant to your learning goals and caseload, and we will approve them. Simple.

Further, we meet fortnightly for in-house professional development and case conferencing.

Generous salary & bonus packages

Above award salaries start at $88,800 p/a

Plus, bonuses (ACHIEVABLE and NEGOTIABLE). Need to pay more off your mortgage or start chipping away at that HECS bill, come and talk to us.


COVID has taught us more than ever that most people want more flexibility with when and how they work.

Every client is different and so is every team member. Hurstspeech recognises the importance of flexible work arrangements to suit the lifestyle and motivation of our therapists. This can all be discussed at the interview and reviewed annually.

4-day working week

Lots of research is indicating that there are positive outcomes for both the employee and employer for working a 4-day week.

At Hurstspeech we are way ahead of the research! We have had this work-life balance for over 20 years. All things are negotiable and flexible.

Career progression opportunities

Social media roles, group facilitator roles, clinic mentors/leads, student educators, resource development (we have our own BOOM LEARNING Cards) and clinical supervisors.