"If you are worried about your child’s speech and language you can contact Speech Pathology
About Hurstspeech Story

About Hurstspeech Story

Hurstspeech was founded in 2006 by Linda Hurst. Linda has over 20 years experience as a Speech Pathologist. She engages Speech Pathologists to be part of a revolutional team in the delivery of extraordinary speech and language therapy that makes a difference to their clients’ lives.
The clinic has two locations: Parramatta and The Hunter Valley – Singleton.

Parents - Contact us for a Consultation


Contact us for a Consultation

Not sure if your child needs a speech pathologist

Some families are 100% sure their child needs Speech Pathology. Others are not sure. Instead of playing the “wait and see” game call us and discuss your concerns.

Preschools & Early Childhood Centre

Preschools & Early Childhood Centre

Contact us at info@hurstspeech.com for more information

Speech starter - a centre based screening program

Hurstspeech provide Screening Service “Speech Starter” to preschools and Early Childhood Centres in our local area. This initiative screened over 1000 children in 2016. Contact the clinic for information on costs and availability.
The aim of the programme is to assist preschools and parents to answer the question “Does my child need Speech Therapy”?



Contact info@hurstspeech.com for information on how Hurstspeech work with school age children

Language & literacy(l&l) go hand in hand

Speech Pathologists are experts in the area of language. Schools and teachers are experts in literacy development (learning to read). Many language disordered children have difficulties in both areas Language and Literacy.
Hurstspeech work closely with schools, both for the individual student and to assist in staff in services and teacher education.


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